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Puzzle Games

Free Puzzle Games at games cheat !

Welcome to our free puzzle games section. The puzzle games section of games cheat codes is already large, with over seventy games and growing. You will find all the classic puzzle games here including, solitaire, mine sweeper, connect 4, reversi and sudoku.


You will also find some great new, free puzzle games including alphabet soup, wordo, multiplication station and arithemetiles to keep those brain cells challenged. Simply click on any of the puzzles to the right to start the fun. Bookmark this page now and you'll never be short of free puzzle action.


Add Like Mad

Add those numbers quickly now!

Ball Trap

Trap the coloured balls inside the walls

Crazy Boxes

Those boxes are driving me crazy!

Creepy Crossword

Get the ghostly knowledge in this creepy puzzle

Multipication Station

Multiply the numbers to get the solution

Perfect Match

Match the cards in this snappy challenge

Quick Rotation

Rotate the numbers and find the sequence

Subtraction Action

Think it through and you can subtract too

UR Checkers

Jump the pieces to reveal the king


This is one tile of a maths game

Code Breaker

Break the code to reveal the prize

Wacky Word Search

Find the hidden words if you can


Funtastic word wise blocker

3d Reversi

Whether black or white reverse is right


Follow the flahsing lights to win

Connect 4

Get four in a row to beat the computer

Rickshaw Jam

Stuck in a jam, go figure


Solitaire is the only game in town

Air Typer

A typing plane in the sky?

24 Puzzle

Align the tiles, 1 through 24

Alphabet Soup

Rearange the letters before they end in the soup

Blox Forever

Block busters, but you got to know the moves


Think you have the brains to beat the alien?


It's just a bunch of balls, sounds easy!


You'll need a steady hand for this one

Couronne Training

It's pool with discs, cool

Chain Reaction

There's an equal reaction to every action

Chinese Checkers

You want to be the last one standing


Match the colours in this colour cruncher

Type Type Revolution

Practice your typing skills and catch a combo


Help raise the bar and solve the conundrum

Crash Down

Bust the bricks before they get too high

Crazy Boxes

Get to the red any way you can

Cube Buster

More cube busting fun

Cubik Rubik

Solve the rubic puzzle using the arrows


Blast your way out of a sticky situation


Guide your ball around the course

Mine Sweeper

Avoid the bombs to win the game

Flower Frenzy

Don't get in a frenzy you pansie

Fruit Drop

Drop the fruit tetris style

Hang The Alien

It's hangman with an alien

Crazy Monkey Jigsaw

Ever been on a monkey puzzle

Jigsaw Dog

I've lost a piece dog gone it

Jungle Crash

Fancy crashing out in the jungle?


Knock those mines into shape


Find a connecting path to safety

Lost City Of Gold

Find your way to the lost city of gold

Lucky Clover

Try and discover all the four leaf clovers

Magic Drop

Use your powers of wizardry to combine the potions


Master the ancient mystery of mahjong

Major Slant

Turn the tables to release the ball

Mega Puzzle

Move the tiles to unveil the picture


Remember the numbers then match them

Mood Match

Match your mood in this memory game


Find the numbers before time runs out


Test your car parking skills

Present Panic

Get those presents ready for christmas

Push It

Push the boxes to solve the puzzle

Rumble Ball Reloaded

Break the squares with your best shot

Rush Hour

Get your car out the parking lot


Follow the coloured pattern

Slider Mania

Slide the squares into order


Move your snake round the garden to find food


Try and finish with only one ball standing

Stone Breaker

Break through the wall with your trusty bat


The number cruncher we all know and love

Tetrix 2

Great tetris action in this new version

Topsy Turvy

Burst the bubble before the tables are turned on you


A stick turning game of concentration

Word Cube

Make words from the cube

Word Search

Sometimes you can't quite find the words


Turning is the key to this challenge

Too Many Bugs

Connect the bugs to join the high scores

3D Maze

Find your way out of this awesome maze

Crazy Castle

Defend your castle from the manic hordes

Crazy Maze

You'll need a steady hand and lots of patience

Kings Win

Sink the ships to win the battle of the kings


Hit the ball hard before it moves

Mouse Hunt

This game's maybe a bit too cheesy for some


Beat the blue army at their own game

Swap Smiley

Swap those smileys to get three in a row

Alpha Attack

Type those bombs before they reach the city

Lady Bug

Get your lady bird through the moving maze

Anthrax Jelly

Create the words to form the word dna

Ball Puzzle

Solve the puzzle by manipulating the ball

Cyber Mice Party

Guide the mice onto the cheese

Coffee Tycoon

Manage a thriving coffee business

Cone Crazy

Learn to drive but mind those cones


Solve the crazy cube puzzle

Flash Ludo

Great flash based version of popular ludo game

The Great Mahjong

A great and timeless classic

Ice Breakout

Use your sea-saw to help the penguins breakout

Krazy Keyz

How fast can you type the alphabet

Memory Trial

Think your memories up to the challenge?

Penguin Push

Push those pesky blocks to solve the puzzle

Pharaos Treasure

Solve the riddle of the pharaos treasure

Pipe Mania

Pipe down or pipe up, who knows?

Golden Spider Solitaire

Classic solitaire game










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