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Sport Games

Free Sport Games at games cheat codes!

Welcome to our sport games section. If you are a sports fan you've come to the right place. Whether you're into pool, racing, snow boarding or football games you can play them all for free at games cheat codes. More and more sport games are constantly being added to our sport games collection. So make games cheat codes your number one destination for sport games and bookmark this page now.

Drive and Dodge

Avoid the other cars in this dodgy driver

Hot Shots

Shoot the baskets while they move

Air Hockey

Fire the puck into the goal to score

Table Tennis

Use nifty handwork to beat your opponent

Mini Pool 2

Show us your trick shots in this neat pool game

501 Darts

Hit double tops with this great card game

Shootin Hoops

Jump into some smashing fun


Pool too easy then try a man sized table


Use your skill to topple the skittles

Bowlin Master

Master the world of bowling with your finger tips

Canyon Glider

Fly your glider through the peaks and troughs

Team Ball

Rack them up and shoot them down

Extreme Racing

Watch your speed in this extreme racer

Field Goal

Shoot for goal but be careful of the wind

Super Fishing

See if you get get that big catch and bag the prize

Keep Ups 2

Don't take your eye off the ball now!


More great fast reaction ball skills

Ma Balls

Catch the balls before the timer reaches zero

Micro Racers

Watch the bends in this miniature racer

Swing Ball

Beat your opponent at this classic 3d pong

Real Pool

You can never get enough of real pool games

Quick Shot

There's no time to be a great basketball player

Rural Racer

Head out into the country for this thrilling racer

Skate Boy

Get your skates on you'll miss the big jumps

Stan Skates

Help Stan negotiate some tricky situations

Super Santa Ski Jump

Guide Santa over the jump of his life

Skidoo TT

Ski round the jumps but watch for the hazards

Sling Shot

A game of great skill and accuracy

Snow Boarding XS

Cut through the slopes in a snow board extravaganza

Soccer Ball

Don't drop the ball now and lets see your dribbling skills

Sports Smash

A game for those who knows their balls

Super Bike GP

Speed round the course in your turbo charged racer

Surfs Up

Ride the break in this surfing challenge

Tennis Ace

It's love forty or new balls please

Ultimate Billiards

Show us your skill with the green baize

Ultimate Football

Try not to through the game and loose out

Ultimate Ping

It's 2d tennis with a twist

Ultimate Racing

Put your peddle to the metal but watch those bends

Wake Boarding XS

More twists and turns that a curly wurly


Born to be wild or king of the road you decide

3 on 1

Maybe five to one would be a bit fairer

Beach Tennis

It's a long hot summer for the tennis pro's

Disc Golf

Play golf without a ball, it's a blast

Elastic Soccer

Ping your way into football heaven


Just get the ball between the sticks, sounds easy?

Formula Fog

Beat your opponent in this hectic 3d racer


Don't get too puckered or you're beat

Miniputt 3

Test your putting sills with this excellent 18 holer

Park Soccer

Beat the high score but mind the grass

Playing Field

Lightning strikes more than once in this game





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