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Action Games

Free Action Games at games cheat  codes!

Welcome to the free action games section of games cheat codes. The action games section is one of the biggest games sections on games cheat codes and continues to grow. There are lots of fantastic, fun, free action games for you to explore. From the whacky udder madness, to fish tales, to fantastic shooting games like Raiden X. There are plenty games here to suit everyone's choice. So if action games are your thing then you'll find plenty of entertainment here on games cheat codes.


3d Worm

Munch those apples but don't eat that tail

Alien Cave

Guide your ship through the alien cave

Ball Trap

Trap those balls using the wall to separate them


The early bird catches the first worm

Jungle Escape

Escape the evil jungle in this classic platform

Pearl Hunt

Hunt for pearls under the ocean using your diver


It's penguins on a sea-saw, need you ask!

Pipe Down

Turn the pipes to solve this amazing puzzle


Match the rings before they disappear

Snowball Warrior

Frantic snowball fighting action

Space Duel

Blast it out in this duel in space

Turtle Bridge

Cross the turtle bridge and avoid the drink!

Udder Madness

Milk those cows in this udder madness of a game

CEL Blaster

Blast your way through this multi-level 3d shooter


Burst the matching colours before time runs out

Code Breaker

Break through the wall using your trusty bat

Penga Pop

Shoot through the wall of balls to reach your goal

Sub Bump

Navigate your sub through murky waters

Forrest Challenge 2

Get a hole in one with this great golfer


Smashing action in this great arkanoid clone


Get Kaboom using your juggling skills

Little Shepherd

Herd those sheep into their pens

Battle Ships

Find the opponents ships and blast them out the water

Saloon Shoot Out

You'll need to be quick on the draw to win this one

Lucky Balls

Don't let the balls spiral out of control

Love Tester

Are you lucky in love, well then let's see

Mayan Mask Mayhem

Burst the different coloured blocks


Match the shapes to form lines

Lunar Command

Shoot down the enemy missiles

Santa Balls

Exchange the colours to make a line of three

2d Shoot Out

Use your trigger finger to shoot the targets


Guide your plane through the hazardous skies

Alias 2

Beat the robotic defence system using your gun totting soldier


How high can an alien jump

Alien Abduction

Use the alien spaceship to zap those humans

Alien Clones

Shoot down those alien clones

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Fly the helicopter in this mission based shooter

Asteroid Field

Navigate the asteroid belt and fire on those pesky rocks

Battle Tanks

Flash clone of vector based arcade tank battle


Follow the monster's scary sonds


Break out from the coloured wall

Bubble Bobble

Use bubble power to beat the hordes of aliens


Push your bug around to solve the puzzles

Cheese Hunt

Platform game involving mice and cheese

Cosmic Defender

Flash remake of classic 80s defender

Cowboy Bullet

Shoot your bullet through the moving coins

Exofusion 2

Vertical shooter with plenty of power ups

Fish Eat Fish

Circle the fish and watch them grow

Fish Tales

Gobble those fish and become king of the sea

Flash Strike

Hone your skills and practice that trigger finger

Fly Plane

Pick up the red balloons using your bi-plane


Guide your flying spaghetti monster round the course

Gem Mania

Collect all the gems using your gem train

Gem Mine

Collapse those gems down the gem mine

Go Santa

Santa goes skiing to deliver presents

Planet Gobbler

Eat those planets fast as you can

Hostile Skies

It's a dogfight in the hostile skies

Hungry Bob

Help hungry bob fill his insatiable appetite

Galaxy Invaders

Save the planet by blasting the alien swarm

Wild Wild West

It's a classic old wild west shoot out in gunslinger country

Koala Lander

Control you balloon and land carefully!

Linear Assault

Fast and frenetic scrolling shooter


Collect the green balls using your wonder light

Match The Bugs

Match the bugs in this snappy game

Maxims Seaside Adventure

Go adventuring with maxim on his skateboard

Micro Tanks

Use strategy to blast the beat your opponent in this classic tank battle

Midnight Strike

Green beret side scrolling shooter

Monster Hatch

Monster hatch out of the puzzle

Monster Munch

Eat as many snowflakes as you can

Paint Ball

Shoot those pesky balls in office paint ball


Simple yet addictive tennis game

Raiden X

Super explosive vertical shoot em up


Great brick buster with level editor included

Sky Fire

Vertical shooter world war 2 style


Help santa bust some presents using snow balls

Busy Burger

Serve the customers in this busy burger shop

Space Dude

Fight the aliens with your space dude and trusty laser

Space Escape

Guide your space ship to complete the levels

Space Explorer

Lead your space ship to a safe landing

Space Fighter

Blast the asteroids in this 2d space shooter


Jump onto the alien space ships


Squish those bugs fast as you can

Star Ball

Break the blocks using your trusty space craft

Stone Breaker

Break the stones with your wooden ball and chain

Tank Assault

Blast away the invading enemy tanks


Multiplayer tank action, worms style

Techno Bounce

Move the blocks to keep the ball bouncing

The Viking

Beat all the guards in this medieval battle

Tribal Jump

It's a jumping game of skill

UFO 101

Knock all the cones off the oncoming spaceships

War Games

A battle of wills in this super shoot out


Classic retro vertical scrolling shooter


Race around the track in your mini motor cycle

Too Deep

An underwater tempest game with sharks

Abba The Fox

Fly your glider and avoid the obstacles

Air Wolf

Dog fight space style with x wing fighters

Alien Bounce

Catapult the alien to the longest distance

Angel Falls

Save the angels falling from the sky

Angel Run

Run from the devils in this frantic chase


Join four atoms in a row of the same colour

Aviator Imp

Launch your imp into the sky and beyond

Battle Field

Shoot literally everything that moves


It's catch the birdy all over again

Bombs Away

Use your bazooka to blast the aliens

Bug Time

This house is ridden with bugs, blast them


Fly your copter through the dark caverns


Fish out those old smelly wellies


Move your gravity ball round the course

Mission Mars

Destroy the city and land your ship


Drive round the course in this futuristic rally


Master the lawn with your worm

Monkey Lander

Stop monkeying around and land the thing

Pearl Diver

Dive for pearls in this underwater treasure hunt

Red Beard

Help old read bear reach his goal

Reel Gold

There's real gold in them there hills

Rigelian Hotshots

Avoid the walls and kill the thrill suckers

Little Rocketman

Guide little rocket man from plane to plane


Learn the way of the samurai

Seal Ball

Multiplayer action seal ball tannis


Feeling a bit sheepish won't help cross the road


This town isn't big enough for the both of us

Space Boy

Shoot the multiplying octopus from the sky

Space Man

A space flying quest for nimble fingers

Sub Commander

Control the sub but watch out for depth charges

Sweet Tooth

Platform hopping fun with alien cookies!

Tiny Combat

Silent scope skill with tiny soldiers and power ups

Tiny Combat 2

Even tinier combat at double quick pace

Tip and Run

A test of strength, speed and mind agility

Urban Swat

Frantic fly swatting at it's best


Vertical shooting start trek style


Ten levels of gold collecting action

Adrenaline Challenge

Collect the tags to complete the level


Avoid the fruit by ducking or jumping

Amazon Quest

Swap the colours in this amazon quest

Ammo Ambush

Shoot down the enemy soldiers to stay alive


Collect the floppy disks and avoid the cops

Asteroid Field

Blast the asteroids into outer space

Cable Capers 2

Try and escape the clutches of the evil dragons

Cave Escape

Escape the falling rocks

Castle Defender

Defend the castle with nothing but a bow

Cheese Hun

Guide the mouse through a cheese fest


Click on the grouped objects to bust them

Defend North Pole

Fight off the kids with your candy cane


Fly flappy as far as you can and burst those balloons

Holloween Smash

Join 3 or more in this halloween smash


Battle the alien invaders

Mega Jump

Blast MR Pong as far as you can

Mr Penguin

Fly the penguin through hazardous waters


A great version of pacworm

Plankton Life

Evolve your plankton stage by stage

Pumpkin Battle

It's street fighter pumpkin style

Reach The Sky

Bounce to the sky and beyond

Santa Balls 2

Help santa swap his balls 2


Grab the beer the burgers and the footballs

Squirrel Escape

Help your friendly squirrel escape


Pure shooting action with thing thing

Yeti Bubbles

Shoot down the bubbles by linking three or more together


Frantic Zombie shooter

Arcade lines

Join 5 or more colours together using the mouse

Freaky Fun

Platform game and jumping fun, avoid the freaks!

Island Defense

Prevent the paratroops landing on your island

Jewel Thief

Steal the jewels and exit as quick as you can

Connect 2

Find pairs of matching pictures

Naval Gun

Use the naval gun to protect your position

Perfect Pizza

Try really hard to make the perfect pizza


Manic miner type platform game

Sherrif Tripeaks

Play cards against the sherrif

Tower Defence

Protect the tower and save the princess

Alex in Danger

Excellent platform shooter

Allied Assault

Side scrolling space shooter

Attack Time

Literally shoot everything that moves


Shoot the balloons and stuff

Crack Shot

It's duck hunt with birds and skeets

Danumba Mini

Add up to the magic nubmer

Death Trip

Collect the passengers double quick time

Diamond Chaser

Collect the diamonds and fight the robots

Monkey Cliff Diving

Dive as many monkeys as you can

Drop Off

Flip and spin your way to a high score

Dry Fire

Blast everything in site with the super canon

Eggy Easter

Collect as many eggs and treats as you can

Emily Grace

Enter into combat in this great shootout


Arrange the pipes and put out the fire

Franky The Fish

Eat the small fry but don't get eaten on the way!

Franky The Fish 2

Eat the small fish to get bigger

Frisbee Dog

Jump high and chomp those frisbees


Mission based gangster game

Ghost Wrath

Platform ghost fighting game


Get your pumpkin across the graveyard


Multiplayer pong at it's best

Indiana Jones

Platform game Indiana Jones style

Kamikaze Frogs

Shoot the frogs before they hit you

Koala Lander

Land your Koala in a safe spot


Build a wall around the balls

Little Johns Archery 2

Shoot the targets using your archery skills


Kill the boss before the guards get you

Mini Nitros

Cure racing game with four tracks

Mini Pool

Excellent pool game against the clock

3d Pong

Original pong flash remake in 3d

Tiger Moth

Hit as many light bulbs as you can

Jumping Troll

Bounce the troll and collect all the fruits

May Thai

Street fighting game using thai fighters

Mud Rally

Race round the puddle with your frog

Ninja Nightmare

Fight the ninjas in this ninja nightmare

Rotting Onslaught

Fight the undead with your military might

School of Sword 2

Learn the way of the sword

Sheep Pool

It's pool with sheep, need you ask

Shooting Fish

Shoot as many fish as you can with your harpoon

Stick Man
Sam 1

First in the stickman sam shooters

Stick Man Sam 2

Another great stickman sam game

Stinky Bean

Play with stinky bean in this great adventure

Stress Relief Paintball

Great office paintball game

Sub Zero

Cartoon flying side scrolling shooter

The Pharaohs Tomb

Explore for gold in the pharaohs tomb


You have to be quick on the draw for this one

Turbo Spirit XT

Slick 3d motorbike racer

Uniwar the Lost Civilisation

Great 3d Space Shooter


Get your guys to the music festival in one piece

Van Jellies

Balance the jellies as much as you can


See if you can breed up to eight rabits

Cat Bat

Bat the cats to the top of the wall


Escape from the labyrinth using your spaceship






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